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Residential & Commercial Pickup

Hometown Disposal’s goal is to provide high quality residential waste disposal services to the residents of New Richmond, Wisconsin and surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on the relationships we establish with our customers. We strive to provide the most personalized service! We have shaped our services to make sure we are serving our customers and our community in the best way we can. We stand to be a pillar of dependability in the communities we serve by providing safe, simple and reliable environmental services.

Our Services


Residential Pickup

  • 64 Gallon Cart – $24/month
    • add recycling +$12/month
  • 96 Gallon Cart – $27/month
    • add recycling +$14/month
  • Dumpster sizes start at 2 yard and go up to 8 yard in capacity.
  • Residential pickup provided weekly
  • Recycling available

Commercial Pickup

    • 64 Gallon Cart – $24/month
      • add recycling +$12/month
    • 96 Gallon Cart – $27/month
      • add recycling +$14/month
      • Annual Discounts
  • Dumpster sizes start at 2 yard and go up to 8 yard in capacity.
  • Weekly Pickup
  • Customized to fit your needs
  • Recycling available

Annual Payment Discount

  • 96g $25.33/month
  • 64g $22.33/month


  • 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 Yard Dumpsters
  • Drop-off & Pickup Included
  • Call for pricing on dumpsters

Welcome to Hometown Disposal

Hometown Disposal created 3 easy steps for residential and commercial customers to switch to our friendly, local service.

Step 1 – Call us or fill out our Get Started form.
Step 2 – Pick a cart or dumpster size and provide us your address.
Step 3 – We’ll drop off your cart or dumpster and schedule your first pick-up.

Hometown Disposal provides high quality residential and commercial waste and recycling services to the residents and businesses of New Richmond, Wisconsin and surrounding townships.


(weekly pick-up)
64 Gallon Cart
Recycling bins available
Add Recycling +12/month


(weekly pick-up)
96 Gallon Cart
Recycling bins available
Add Recycling +14/month

Want to Save More?

Want to receive a discount? No problem!

Sign up for our annual billing plan and you will get a discount! That brings a 64 gallon cart down to a cost of $22.33 or a 96 gallon cart down to $25.33 per month.

(Does not include recycling.)


5 Rules to Recycle Right

  1. DO NOT put recyclables in plastic bags – dispose of them loosely in the container.
  2. All containers must be rinsed out so there is no liquid or food residue.
  3. Recycled cardboard or newspapers can not have food residue on them. Examples: Pizza boxes, popcorn bags, used paper plates, or anything that has food or grease on it IS NOT recyclable and should be put in your normal garbage cart.
  4. No styrofoam, appliances, car batteries, liquid paint, or hazardous materials.
  5. Put plastic caps back on bottles. Labels don’t have to be removed.
  6. Recycling is not optional; it is required by law.

Other things to consider…

  • Not all recyclable items go in your curbside container but you can still recycle them. https://www.sccwi.gov/421/A—Z-Recycling-Disposal-Guide
  • Recycling in your community or via collection events. www.sccwi.gov/recycling
  • Plastic bags and films (the stretchy kind) can be recycled at your local grocery store, Dick’s Fresh Market, or Walmart. Examples: bags: grocery, zip-lock, bread, newspaper, dry cleaning, along with film wrap for water bottles, toilet paper, paper towels.
  • Clean Sweep Hazardous Waste collection events, plus appliance, electronics and tire collection events are held every fall in St. Croix County.
  • Information on where and when listed at https://www.sccwi.gov/430/Hazardous-Waste
  • Printer cartridges, re-chargeable batteries, vehicle batteries, cell phones, oil, fluorescent bulbs, eye glasses, hearing aids, and scrap metal can all be recycled just not in your weekly curbside container. Find out when and where on https://www.sccwi.gov/421/A—Z-Recycling-Disposal-Guide or call 715-531-1907.


What You Can Expect From Us


As local residents ourselves, you can be sure we care about your garbage service. We’re not in it to drain your pockets but to provide a high quality alternative to the “big” guys.

Reliable & Fully Insured

As a locally owned and run company, you can always get through to us. We respond directly to your messages or calls – no automation necessary.

No Contracts

We want you to be fully satisfied with our service and believe that you’ll be so happy with us you’ll stick around without a contract being needed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise to satisfy all of your waste disposal needs and look forward to fulfilling them for you.

Hometown Disposal is your locally owned and operated garbage removal service, serving residential and commercial customers in New Richmond, WI and surrounding townships.  Our team team is ready to serve you and earn your business.

Contact us today to see if you are in our service area.


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